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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend in review

Was this not the most amazing 4 day weekend ever (ok, maybe 5 in my case but really I didn't wanna rub it in!). I can't beleive it's over and it's back to work tomorrow.
Thanksgiving was amazing, it was pretty lowkey - we ended up having my sister in law and brother in law over & laughing the night away. Whether is was over my sad attempt at homemade apple pie or the "spicy" pumpkin pie I tried to pass off - we really had a great time. Every year, I get super stressed around the holidays and I always say "Next year, I'm not doing it again - we are eating out!" But honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way! I love Thanksgiving & being with the family, truly there is nothing better & to think next year at this time littel Ian will be with us!
Friday instead of partaking in the craziness that is black friday, me and my sister-in law went on a babies r us run and then stopped at this local japanese store for her hubby's "shin bowel" soup. We were horrified to find, amongst the packages of spicy ramen soup - cow tongue, a pig's heart & chicken feet (toenails still attached!) - I mean, do people really eat that stuff??? And seriously, who eats heart? Ehhh.....I don't think she'll be going back there. Me - I love it because they have the BEST produce in our area, but I think I'll stay away from the tongue and heart.
Next we stopped at this new book store that's up the street from our house that opened about a month ago and we have been eyeing ever since. From the sign outside they said they had "new and used books" - so we decided to check it out. Unfortunately we didn't really find too many (or any at all) new books - but I walked out with 4 paperbacks (Bling, Lipstick Jungle, Running with Scissors & Julie and Julia) and 3 hardbacks (Second Chances, White Oleander & A Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing) for $21! What a steal! I can't wait to dig into them.
Last night the H and I watched Hancock (loved it, love Will Smith and Charlize Theron - if gay marriage was legal in PA I would have married her a long time ago, andwell we can't forget Jason Bateman?? Such a cutie!) and then The Strangers with Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman (who will always be Ben to me). The movie sucked. Don't waste your $3.99 (luckily we rented for $1 so it wasn't a huge loss!). It actually started off ok, scary as hell but then, it just went nowhere. Very disaapointing. This morning the SIL and I headed up to Babies R Us again (we love that freaking store!!) and then I headed over to one of my BF's to babysit her 4 (!!) kids this afternoon. They are adorable, but my GOD are they a handful. She has 3 girls (13, 8, 3) and 1 boy (5). They are bonkers, but they make it for it in cuteness. Here's a shot of her two little ones:

After I made them dinner tonight, I gave them a snack of grapes - washed them off and put em in a bowel. Her little guy starts picking them off the branches & I said "Oh I forgot to take them off for you huh?" He goes "Yeah, my mom always does that - she knows a lot of stuff!" Haha! Perfect. Later on in the night he was being unruly, not really listening & her little girl says to him "You better be nice, K - B is MY BESTEST FRIEND!!!!!" Screaming in her cute little voice. When my friend and her husband came home the kids went running to them & said "can't you and dad go to dinner so B can stay and watch us some more???" If that's what it's like having kids I think I'm gonna be such a pushover!! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving & enjoyed a little time off this weekend. Here's to 3 more weeks until Christmas break - let the countdown begin!!!


michelle said...

i love the update!!! im cracking up over babies r us. u two are like crack addicts. i cant stand that store!!!
what else... japanese. tommy is sickening. is is the market behind italian peoples bakery? i heard the produce is awesome, but u need a mask bc it doesnt smell to hot in there.
and those kids??? HOLY GORGEOUSNESS!!

Semicharmed said...

michelle - we really are, it's kinda sad actually & I don't even have kids! LOL! Tommy is so funny with his nasty food, yep - it's that store. Their produce is great! But yep the smell, is gross!!! They are cute but so, so bad!!