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Thursday, January 26, 2012

18 Months

I think that most mom’s will agree, I feel like the older Sophia gets, with each passing month – it feels like time is going by faster and faster.
This passed Saturday my girl turned 18 months. Really?? Halfway to Two already That can’t be right!

Just yesterday Sophia was a little tiny, baby – who needed me for everything.
But now?? Holy moly!! She is turning into Miss Independent. I love it! This is probably my most favorite stage so far!!
Currently she is
• Repeating EVERYTHING we say. Which means Mama and Papa are practicing are cleanest vocabulary!
• Gives the best kisses & hugs
• Eating all by herself (for the most part)
• Loves to play dress up (especially with Mama’s shoes and socks??!!)
• Loves to dance!! Her favorite songs right now are this and this (and she requests music time by singing “na na na na na” )
• Waves “Hi” and “Bye” and Shakes her head “no”
• LOVES her brother. You would think the sun, moon and stars set with him. She adores him & as soon as she sees him she says “Paul, PLAY”
• Is starting to tell us now when she is tired by saying “Night, night”
• Attempts to sing along to our song “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” that we sing every night to bed (pretty soon you will really be singing!)
• Brushing her teeth with mama, at first she wasn’t a fan of it – now she can’t get enough
• She is OBSESSED with Minnie Mouse (Mimi), Cars 2 (TWO) and just recently discovered YO Gabba Gabba (Gaga, Gaga)
• Loves helping with laundry
• We are still TRYING to get her off the bottle and well girlfriend is not having it. I know we are going to get an earful at her well visit & then I guess we will have no choice but to just cut her off cold turkey. She literally will THROW the sippy cup. She doesn’t want it. But will take juice or water from it, but no MILK.
• Still sleeping in our bed, but honestly at this point, I am not going to fight it. I know eventually when she is ready she will sleep in her own big girl bed. Until then I am loving the extra snuggles and waking up in the morning to her cute face, and a “HIYEEEE”

I’m on my toes lately, I feel like there is never a dull moment or a quiet house, but I couldn’t imagine it any other way!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

In three years

Three years ago today I became an Aunt for the first time. My little bug Ian Gabriel was born. After months, and months of waiting I couldn't believe he was finally here. To say it was love at first site is an understatement. I adored (and still do) this little guy something fierce. He changed my world, and opened my heart up in a way I didn't know was possible. Watching him grow up, and discover the world is honestly one of the greatest joys of my life. I've mentioned it before, he has brought our family together, and helped heal us in so many ways, that's a lot to put on a little guy, but it's the truth. He's changed us forever. For the best! We love you bug! Happy third birthday!!! Now, where's the cake???!!