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Friday, January 18, 2013


The flu has invaded our house.
My poor girl has been throwing up for the last two days. I think I had some form of it a few nights ago. It's overstayed it's welcome, that's for sure.

Doesn't it know we have things to do? Parties and playdates to attend this weekend?
Hoping it hits the road pretty soon, because this my friends, is the pits!!!!

Anyway, at least it's Friday and a three day weekend at that. Hope you all have a great one!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A new year, new me?

We all say it. At the start of each new year, this will be MY year. MY year to finally get healthy, eat right, excersize. Take care of ME.
Usually it lasts if we're lucky, a few weeks - maybe even a few months.
But soon, old habits creep in, and we're back to where we started - if not worse.

I've struggled with my weight, for well as long as I can remember.
Once I started college the pounds really started creeping up - I blamed it on the freshman 15, but really I just ate crap.

First I hit 170, then 190, and before you know it 200 pounds.
I swore once I hit 200 pounds I was going to do something about it.
But I didn't and what do you know? The weight just kept creeping up and creeping up.

Friends tried to tell me I hid it well, and I looked great - bless their hearts but I knew they were full of shit.

Then I got pregnant. I really did good at first, with eating well - which meant I hardly ate, even loosing weight because I was SO, SO sick for the first 5 months.
But then, when the morning/noon and night sickness wore off and I could eat? BOY DID I.

I made it my job to make up for loss time (or calories really). Pizza and Ice Cream were my pregnancy must haves. The day I delivered I had gained 42 pounds, which I guess is not the end of the world, but when you are already overweight? 42 pounds was a lot. After the baby came, I didn't have much of an appetite, your so busy and so sleep deprieved, you know the last thing you feel like doing is eating. At my 1st post partum appointment I had already lost 26 pounds. I couldn't see it, but felt good to hear it. Eventually within the next month I would loose the rest, just by eating small portions, and cooking healthy.

Long story short, I eventually gained all my baby weight back and some. SO NOT COOL.

But I know my issues, I eat crap. If I was a danish for breakfast I will eat a danish, if I want pizza for lunch I will eat pizza - and since I work late, I don't eat much if any dinner. I know that is not good for my metabolism. And soda. Soda is so bad, but I can't seem to kick that habit. I'll do really good for awhile and then bam, there it is again luring me in (damn you coke!!). I make bad choices. But I have the power to change that. And I'm trying. I'm trying to eat smarter, Oatmeal instead of pastries for breakfast, salads with lots of veggies, and protein for lunch, no regular coke - but diet (it's a start). And lots of water!!! Dinner is still a problem and I need to figure out a way around that. Maybe another small salad or some soup? Not sure.

But my point is I'm trying. Trying to make better choices.
Baby steps. But I have to do something. I want to be around for my girl, I want to see my grandkids grow up. I don't want to face the same health problems, that I see so many overweight people face. So I'm making the time, I'm putting in the effort, and hopefully with some changes, and a hard work I can finally do this once and for all!!!

Wish me luck!!!!!

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Wordless Wednesday

Toddlers fall asleep in the funniest places/positions.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Monday

You know, for once when I say that? I'm actually serious.
What a GREAT week/weekend we have had!
After these past 6 months, of what seemed like a series of bad news, deaths or health scares - things seem to be looking UP.
A few of my good things as of late:

Last week we:
1- Welcomed the newest member of our family, my great niece Peyton Elizabeth
2- Celebrated the CUTEST 4year old's birthday, my bug - my nephew
3 - Celebrated all our January fam's birthday's
4 - And last but not least, we celebrated the engagement of my Step Daughter! After 10 1/2 years together her boyfriend fiance finally popped the question! AND she said yes. We are over the moon and couldn't be more excited for them both. I'm going to be someone's Mother in law? That just doesn't even seem real. HA! But I couldn't be prouder. I can't wait to help her plan, to pick out dresses (eeek!!!) and see her proud Papa walk her down the isle.

We are overjoyed to say the very least!!!

Also, I've discovered these beauties:

Damn you Starbucks and your Cake Pops. I swear I've eaten no less than 10 of these in the last week. SO delicious. But I think we're going to have to break up soon!!

So tell me blog friends, what are some of your good things lately?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas and New Years - Catch Up

Happy New Year friends! Even though it is 9 days late, but hey who's countin?
I have been battling the flu since the day after Christmas, and finally I am feeling back to my old self. Thank the Lord!!! We had an AMAZING Christmas and New Years despite me being sick, seeing Christmas through little eyes, is quite possibly the most precious thing ever. Sophia was totally into it this year, she got it, and she understood finally what all the fuss was about. She even - do I dare say it liked Santa. She asked for him everyday, and even held it together when we went to go see him.

We spent the days leading up to Christmas baking and decorating cookies with Grammy Pat, trimming the tree, and spending time with family - I was able to take the last two weeks off of December, which was a Godsend!!! I needed some R&R - even if it meant I spent most of it sick!!

Christmas Eve we had my Stepdaughter and Her BF over for dinner. We usually don't do much Christmas Eve, because normally we are frantic running around for last minute gifts, and wrapping - but this year??? We were done way ahead of time. A first.
Hubby made one of our go to dishes - Giada De Laurentiis' Pasta w/Lemon and Shrimp. It's seriously probably my favorite thing in the world, and OH SO YUMMY! No pictures. Because well I suck, but here is our table set all pretty beforehand!

Christmas Day was quiet, and lowkey - this was the first year since I can remember that we didn't host dinner Christmas night. It was bittersweet honestly. It was nice because we could spent all day with Sophia, putting toys together, playing and having fun; but sad because Grandmom wasn't there. She spent every holiday with us, and not having her there was not easy, there was a huge presence missing - I'm sure in some ways it will always feel like that. But we got through it, together.

A few of her MOST favorite surprises from Santa:

Hope you all had a magical holiday season, and wishing you a very happy & healthy 2013 to come!!!!