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Friday, September 6, 2013

Blogtember (A few days late!!!)

I've read Jenni's blog for quite some time now, I love her "Advice for bloggers" series, and her fashion posts. God I wish I could pull it together every day like this fabulous lady! I'm gonna keep trying, someday friends, someday.
I saw one of her blog challenges this summer and was a little late to the party, so I figured only 3 days into it now was as good of a time then ever to start!!!

Todays prompt: A story about a time you were very afraid

For me, one of the scariest times of my life was while I was pregnant. My pregnancy started off as anything BUT normal. I was sick, SO sick. Remember back in 2009 when the world was in a tizzy over this little thing called Swine flu? Guess who got it? This girl. I was sicker than I've ever been - EVER. My husband said I was literally grey, he had never been so worried about me. Little did I know ontop of having the dreaded swine flu, at the same time I was actually 6 weeks pregnant AND this fun thing called morning sickness kicked in. For about a week I couldn't get out of bed, I couldn't hold anything down, everything that I took came back up (sorry tmi). I went to my family doctor and they prescribed some pretty heavy duty antibiotics, that I couldn't keep down because - well, you get the drift. Finally one night, as I laid on the couch my husband said "That's it - I am taking you to the hospital". While we were in triage waiting to be seen, a nurse asked me "Is there any chance you could be pregnant?". The thought honestly hadn't even crossed my mind. I'd been so sick for the last couple of weeks, I couldn't even think straight let alone concentrate on when my last menstrual cycle was. I had been spotting for a few days, so didn't think I could possibly be pregnant, but they ran a test just as a precaution, as well as a few other tests to figure out what could be going on.
After about an hour of being hooked up to an IV to try to get some fluids in me, the doctor came in and said "Well, we have good news and bad news for you - what do you want first". Always the optimist, I said "Give me the good news doc". He proceeded to tell us we were pregnant!! OMG. What??!!! But that I did indeed have the swine flu, and because I was bleeding, they were worried I was at risk for a "spontaneus abortion" - or a miscarriage.
Truthfully, I never thought I would become a mom - after years and years of wanting a baby I always thought maybe it's not in the cards for me. To be told all at once that I was pregnant, but you are at risk of loosing the pregnancy was earth shattering for me. To make matters worse the doctor that was attending to me had a horrible bed side manner, was not sympathetic AT ALL. He went on to tell us "60% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, it wouldn't be uncommon". Great. Definitely not what I wanted to hear. We were discharged, and I was put on bed rest until I could see my OBGYN, which wasn't for another 2 1/2 weeks. Those weeks were the longest weeks of my life. Never knowing if this pregnancy that I had been hoping for - for what seemed like forever would suddenly be taken away from me. My husband was a wreck, and continued to be throughout my pregnancy, so afraid that something bad would happen. Every ultrasound, everytime I got to hear our babies heartbeat reaffirmed for me that in fact, everything was going to be ok. And it was. We have a beautiful, healthy, vibrant 3 year old little girl now. All my dreams came true!