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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I'm following in the footsteps of my pal Esther and thinking about all I'm grateful for today, this week and this life. This week has been a hard one for a lot of us, and sometimes we forget to look around and realize ALL the precious gifts that life has given us. My most important being family.

Last weekend was a busy one, with party after party after party; and throw in an extra toddler (we babysat my cutie pie nephew for the day) and well things were just straight up crazy. But in the BEST possible way. I attended my first ugly sweater party, and it was so much fun! The hubs wore a woman's sweater and decided to accessorize with his very own ta-tas. Quite the goofball my guy, but God I love him!
Here's the whole fam, minus a few at the end of the night:

After we left we decided to drive around with the kids to see all the pretty houses lit up for Christmas, this one was our favorite; when you pulled up you set your radio to a certain station and the lights lit up according to whatever song was on, SO NEAT!!!

Afterwards, we headed home - got the kids in their PJ's (well sorta) and put in a Christmas movie for them to watch - Santa Paws 2 - which if you haven't seen it, IT IS ADORABLE! Just what these little guys needed after a long fun filled day!! It didn't take them long to pass out cold!

Sunday little miss woke up and wondered outloud "Where'd E go?" How sweet!
We spent the day playing cars, and snuggling, which honestly is my idea of heaven.

So when I get myself in a funk, which seems to be a lot these days, I'm gonna take a step back, and think of this weekend, and all the things I have to be truly grateful and turn that frown upside down!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


That's how I feel. An aching in my heart, a punch to the gut, a heart broken.
Like many people, like many parents - I can't seem to shake Friday's horrible shooting at Sandy Hook, the devastation; the senseless act of violence that left 28 people, 20 of them small children - dead. I have no words, only tears & prayers. Prayers that these families can begin to heal; prayers that no children should ever have to endure the horror that these children did on that day; prayers that our schools can become a safe place again, a place where we send our children to learn, and grow up to be smart, bright, loving individuals.
Sadly, something these 20 children will never get to do.

To Daniel. Olivia. Charlotte. Josephine. Ana. Allison. Madeleine. Dylan. Catherine. Chase. Jesse. Grace. James. Emilie. Jack. Noah. Caroline. Jessica. Benjamin. Avielle. You will never be forgotten.

And to the brave teachers/personnel, who risked their lives to save so many students - you are heros: Principal Dawn Hochsprung; School psychologist Mary Sherlach and Teachers Victoria Soto, Anne Marie Murphy, Rachel D'Avino, Lauren Rousseau.

May they all rest in heavenly peace.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What we've been up to......

Christmas Tree Decorating - We downsized this year, and went with an artificial four foot tree as opposed to the 6 1/2 footer we usually put up. Thank you apartment living, which equals not much space!

Playing "People" w/Papa. This girl is loving Phineas and Ferb lately.

Chattin' with Santa and Mrs. Claus. She said to me last night after looking through the big toys r us book "Maybe I'll tell Santa I want EVERYTHING".
Santa better find a second job!!

Welcoming our elf Toodles now known as Chippy. He had an identity crisis. Thank you Elf on the Shelf movie for completely confusing my girl. It's ok. I think Chippy suits him just fine.

Nursing a sick baby. Sos has had the sniffles and sneezies this past week, has been super congested but otherwise her happy self.

The holidays and hustle and bustle that come along are in full effect, and well I kinda love it. We have a jam packed weekend, with 3 parties in one day - including an ugly sweater party Saturday night at my nieces, which I am TOTALLY excited about.

I'm hoping Sunday I can slow down, and maybe attempt my FIRST ginger bread house with Sophia!! The first of many traditions we'll be starting this year.

Tell me what are some of your families favorite traditions during the holidays?? Would love to hear some!!!