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Thursday, June 2, 2011

10 Months

I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that my baby girl, is going to be a year old very soon.

How did this happen?

The last ten months have been a whirlwind, and at times a blur. So much so that I worry sometimes I’ll forget, I know that's impossible, but at times II just want to freeze all these little moments & keep them in my back pocket.

They’ve been the most amazing moments of my life; I had no idea that these would be the happiest, sleepiest, hardest, but most rewarding months I've ever experienced.

To see this little person - growing up right before my eyes, to watch her personality blossom over the course of a few months is mind blowing.

My husband must get sick of hearing me saying it, but really - I can't believe she's mine and I’m hers. It’s pretty incredible. Anyhow, enough of me being a mushy mcmusherson.

So much is happening now. So many milestones! At a little over 10 Months:

• Sophia is trying to walk, while she's taken many steps on her own, she isn't quite there yet. But I'm certain any day she'll be officially on the move!

• She has two bottom teeth, and the top ones are just about to break!!!

• She’s quite the chatterbox – but I guess so am I, and come to think of it so is her dad – poor girl! Some of the words she says: "papa", "papi" (pacifier), "baba", "whoa, whoa, whoa" and as of last week "mama" – which seriously is the most beautiful sound I've ever heard!

• She's still a little butterball. At our last visit she weighed 23 1/2 lbs, and she's wearing 2-3T clothes. Seriously??!! But she's the cutest little turkey I've ever seen!

• She hates bath time. All of a sudden. Not sure what happened, but she screams bloody murder!! This weekend I’m going to try to put her in the actual bathtub and see if that helps. Seriously, bath time is so stressful I feel like I need to be medicated afterwards. And I’m not kidding. Not even a little bit.

• She still isn't the greatest sleeper. It's our fault, really I know. We never taught her good sleep habits, and if there's anything I wish I could go back and change it would be that (aside from not breastfeeding – which is another post in itself)!! She naps on us and on the rare occasion that we put her down to sleep, she will sleep maybe 30 minutes on her own before waking up, not much more. As for bedtime, she is still in bed with us. Definitely in the next 6 months, I'd like her to be sleeping in her crib, but really I'm not going to make myself crazy over it. I love waking up next to her, I love when she "looks" for me at night if I've rollin over out of her reach. I love when our eyes meet for the first time in the morning and she says "HIYE". If that means I miss a few hours of sleep a night, then well so be it!

• She’s given open mouth kisses for awhile now, but last night when I got home and I said “Kisses for mama?” she smiled and brought her head in and gave me the best kiss ever!

After 10 months I finally feel like we are settling into a groove, we have a good schedule & if there is anything we have learned is our girl NEEDS schedule; and hell who am I foolin’ so does her mama!!!

Life is good my friends, and I have a feeling it only gets better here on out!