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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Motorcycle Driveby

You know that phone call that we all dread, with the other person screaming - hysterically crying on the other end that something horrible has happened? I got one Saturday morning.
One of my best friends was calling, as I was loading my truck up with groceries - I debated for a second, should I answer or should I just let it go to voicemail & I'll call her back? I picked up - we had plans later that night, so I wanted to make sure we were still on schedule. When I picked up, she was crying - screaming into the phone, I couldn't really make out what she was saying but when I was able to get her calmed down - she told me what happened: her husband was being rushed to the hospital, he was in an accident with his motorcycle - without a helmet. She didn't know what happened or in what kind of condition he was in, but she needed someone to stay with her kids so she could rush to the hospital. Of course I rushed over to be with them, the little peanuts were so scared, they didn't really understand what had happened they're only 3 & 4 - too little to process what was going on. I tried to comfort them as best I could, talking to them & explaining to them that their daddy was in an accident, he might have some "boo boos" and mommy would call in a little whille to keep us posted. Seriously, what do you tell little kids when something like this happens?

My friend called a few hours later - still in the ER - her husband was pretty banged up, he was having a hard time breathing which we would later find out was because he had 8 broken ribs (ouch!).

As of tonight he's still in ICU, he has a lot of broken bones (shoulder, collar bone, shoulder blade etc.), some bleeding internally in his lungs and stomach which hasn't really let up.
He's going to be ok, thank God. It could have been a lot worse, but he's gonna have a long recovery. I just talked to my friend, she thanked me for staying with the kids yesterday, she said her littlest one, who is 3 and seriously the sweetest thing IN THE WORLD - woke up last night screaming for me, she wanted to know where I was and why I wasn't "sleeping over". Girlfriend was attached to me ALL night, wouldn't go to anyone - only wanted me. What a sweetheart.

So if you could, if you pray or if you just throw a wish out into the universe and hope someone answers it - maybe you could throw a little thought out for them, in hopes that he comes home soon & he heals quickly. Cuz those little peanuts need their daddy.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Grace in Small Things 2/365

1. Chocolate chip cookie dough ice dream for dinner
2. Kings of Leon
3. The end of fashion week
4. Dreams that are so amazing and so real, you try to squeeze in 5 more minutes of sleep just so they won't end
5. Pleasing the hard to please

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Grace in Small Things 1/365

I've seen these posts floating around on the interwebs for quite some time now & decided to see exactly what all the fuss is about. So I read up this weekend, and discovered this website & the meaning behind all these posts. Schmutzie created Grace in Small Things as a daily reminder to take notice of the positive things we tend to overlook. The goal is to post 5 things your grateful for every day, for a total of 365 days.
I think this is a fabulous idea - so much of our lives are spent complaining about all the things we hate, the things that drive us crazy & the things that make our days - well a little bit longer. So dear friends. I'm gonna give it go. I've been trying to keep track of those things that make me happy & while I may not do it everyday, I'm gonna try for every other day at the least.

So here it goes:
1) Brand new glossy magazines, in bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon
2) Friends who call "just to make sure you're still alive" after a 3 day hiatus, due to your 3rd round of flu
3) T.I.'s Road to Redemption
4) Opening up the dishwasher and realizing someone actually ran it and put the dishes away
5) Laundry - washed, folded and put away

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I'm home sick. My 3rd round of the flu in 3 months. Has me saying, WTF???

Anyway, so far today I've watched:
  • 6 weeks worth of The Bachelor

  • 3 weeks worth of Gossip Girl

  • 2 weeks worth of Real Housewives of OC

  • 1 1/2 weeks worth of General Hospital

  • Last week's Private Practice (of which I bawled for like the 3rd week in a row, damn you private practice, don't you know I'm emotional as it is??)

And if that isn't enought mindless tv, some Rachel Ray and Ellen to lighten up the mix. Also, Ive discovered my husband's love for C-Span in the last two days, some men like porn - he is obsessed with C-Span. I think I could say the roll call for the senate in my sleep now.

Monday, February 9, 2009


I'm having somewhat of a writers block lately. Could be because things are quiet, maybe too quiet.
Work is busy, there are a lot of things going on that I wish I could talk about but, you know the deal. I can't. So let's just say, this economy is not fairing well for business & I am praying, praying that I hold on to my job. I know I'm not alone in that, things are not going good for a lot of people right now & that should bring me some sort of comfort but it doesn't.

Tried to take my mind off of things this weekend. Friday me and one of my really good girlfriends that I don't get to see often went out to dinner & then we caught "He's just not that into you". Cute movie, I couldn't really relate because I've been off the dating market for quite some time - but it was cute & sappy and yes I even cried at certain parts. Saturday me and another girlfriend headed to South Philly for her 13 year old (!!) daughters cheerleading competition. I had a blast! It made me wish I wish 13 again, those girls were so darn cute & they managed to win 1st place! Now they head off to the finals or something like that in March. I still can't beleive that I have friends, who have daughters that are old enough to be 13. Is it crazy or what?? On the way home, my g-friends daughter told her mom "mom, B is so much cooler than you". Made me feel not that bad about getting older.

Speaking of getting older, my precious little nephew turned 1 month old this weekend. Wow - one month, I can't beleive it. He's awesome, I haven't seen him or his mama in a few days, I think a trip maybe in order this week.

Anyway, that's really all I got. If you're looking for an amazing read, check out the lovely Brandy's secret project. I'm kinda addicted to it, it's sorta like post secret but one hundred times better - it amazes me the secrets so many people carry around with them & it's nice to know that maybe, we're not all crazy afterall.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

1. He’s not that into you if he doesn’t make the first move.
2. He’s not that into you if he doesn’t answer your online ad.
3. He’s not that into you if he doesn’t call you or text you or e-mail you for a date.
4. He’s not that into you if he doesn’t ask you out by Wednesday for Saturday night.
5. He’s not that into you if he only wants to see you during the week.
6. He’s not that into you if he ends the date first.
7. He’s not that into you if he asks you to split the check.
8. He’s not that into you if he expects you to meet him half way or travel to him in a long-distance relationship.
9. He’s not that into you if he cancels a date more than once.
10. He’s not that into you if he doesn’t ask you to be exclusive after sex and/or a couple of months.
11. He’s not that into you if he hits on your girlfriend.
12. He’s not that into you if he forgets your birthday.
13. He’s not that into you if he doesn’t give you a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day.
14. He’s not that into you if he skips a week.
15. He’s not that into you if he doesn’t want to meet your parents and friends.
16. He’s not that into you if he doesn’t want to spend New Year’s eve with you.
17. He’s not that into you if he doesn’t take you to his office holiday party.
18. He’s not that into you if he doesn’t write “love” on cards or hold your hand at the movies.
19. He’s not that into you if he breaks up with you.
20. He’s not that into you if he talks about his ex.
21. He’s not that into you if he doesn’t want to have sex.
22. He’s not that into you if he doesn’t propose.
23. He’s not that into you if he proposes but won’t set a wedding date.
24. He’s not that into you if he wants to vacation separately or spend a lot of time apart.
25. He’s not that into you if he’s married to someone else!

How do you tell that a guy is just not that into you??

via therulesbook