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Monday, February 9, 2009


I'm having somewhat of a writers block lately. Could be because things are quiet, maybe too quiet.
Work is busy, there are a lot of things going on that I wish I could talk about but, you know the deal. I can't. So let's just say, this economy is not fairing well for business & I am praying, praying that I hold on to my job. I know I'm not alone in that, things are not going good for a lot of people right now & that should bring me some sort of comfort but it doesn't.

Tried to take my mind off of things this weekend. Friday me and one of my really good girlfriends that I don't get to see often went out to dinner & then we caught "He's just not that into you". Cute movie, I couldn't really relate because I've been off the dating market for quite some time - but it was cute & sappy and yes I even cried at certain parts. Saturday me and another girlfriend headed to South Philly for her 13 year old (!!) daughters cheerleading competition. I had a blast! It made me wish I wish 13 again, those girls were so darn cute & they managed to win 1st place! Now they head off to the finals or something like that in March. I still can't beleive that I have friends, who have daughters that are old enough to be 13. Is it crazy or what?? On the way home, my g-friends daughter told her mom "mom, B is so much cooler than you". Made me feel not that bad about getting older.

Speaking of getting older, my precious little nephew turned 1 month old this weekend. Wow - one month, I can't beleive it. He's awesome, I haven't seen him or his mama in a few days, I think a trip maybe in order this week.

Anyway, that's really all I got. If you're looking for an amazing read, check out the lovely Brandy's secret project. I'm kinda addicted to it, it's sorta like post secret but one hundred times better - it amazes me the secrets so many people carry around with them & it's nice to know that maybe, we're not all crazy afterall.

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