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Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Monday

You know, for once when I say that? I'm actually serious.
What a GREAT week/weekend we have had!
After these past 6 months, of what seemed like a series of bad news, deaths or health scares - things seem to be looking UP.
A few of my good things as of late:

Last week we:
1- Welcomed the newest member of our family, my great niece Peyton Elizabeth
2- Celebrated the CUTEST 4year old's birthday, my bug - my nephew
3 - Celebrated all our January fam's birthday's
4 - And last but not least, we celebrated the engagement of my Step Daughter! After 10 1/2 years together her boyfriend fiance finally popped the question! AND she said yes. We are over the moon and couldn't be more excited for them both. I'm going to be someone's Mother in law? That just doesn't even seem real. HA! But I couldn't be prouder. I can't wait to help her plan, to pick out dresses (eeek!!!) and see her proud Papa walk her down the isle.

We are overjoyed to say the very least!!!

Also, I've discovered these beauties:

Damn you Starbucks and your Cake Pops. I swear I've eaten no less than 10 of these in the last week. SO delicious. But I think we're going to have to break up soon!!

So tell me blog friends, what are some of your good things lately?


Angela Paris said...

yum, i love cakepops! i tried to follow you on twitter but the link didn't work :(

Bebe428 said...

Hey Angela - me too- I can't stop eating these, doesn't help there is a Starbucks right next to my work! Yikes!!! Thanks for stopping by! Really? Hmmmm I will check it out, here's the link:

Let me know if that doesn't work!