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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas and New Years - Catch Up

Happy New Year friends! Even though it is 9 days late, but hey who's countin?
I have been battling the flu since the day after Christmas, and finally I am feeling back to my old self. Thank the Lord!!! We had an AMAZING Christmas and New Years despite me being sick, seeing Christmas through little eyes, is quite possibly the most precious thing ever. Sophia was totally into it this year, she got it, and she understood finally what all the fuss was about. She even - do I dare say it liked Santa. She asked for him everyday, and even held it together when we went to go see him.

We spent the days leading up to Christmas baking and decorating cookies with Grammy Pat, trimming the tree, and spending time with family - I was able to take the last two weeks off of December, which was a Godsend!!! I needed some R&R - even if it meant I spent most of it sick!!

Christmas Eve we had my Stepdaughter and Her BF over for dinner. We usually don't do much Christmas Eve, because normally we are frantic running around for last minute gifts, and wrapping - but this year??? We were done way ahead of time. A first.
Hubby made one of our go to dishes - Giada De Laurentiis' Pasta w/Lemon and Shrimp. It's seriously probably my favorite thing in the world, and OH SO YUMMY! No pictures. Because well I suck, but here is our table set all pretty beforehand!

Christmas Day was quiet, and lowkey - this was the first year since I can remember that we didn't host dinner Christmas night. It was bittersweet honestly. It was nice because we could spent all day with Sophia, putting toys together, playing and having fun; but sad because Grandmom wasn't there. She spent every holiday with us, and not having her there was not easy, there was a huge presence missing - I'm sure in some ways it will always feel like that. But we got through it, together.

A few of her MOST favorite surprises from Santa:

Hope you all had a magical holiday season, and wishing you a very happy & healthy 2013 to come!!!!

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