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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The post in which I sorta sound like a Mastercard commerical or a lady whose PMSing

Ladies – first rule of grocery shopping, don’t go hungry. It’s never a good idea. Second rule – never go when you are PMS’ing (or post PMS'ing but hey, whose keeping count??!!)

Case in point – my shopping trip last night consisted of the following:

Brownie sheet w/walnuts – $5.99
Chocolate layer cake - $4.99
Chocolate Syrup - $3.49
Peanut Butter cookies - $3.99
Single Serving Carrot Cake - $2.49
Book of stamps (because hey! A girls gotta mail her x-mas cards!) - $8.40
Look on the H’s face when I got home with nothing but Junk – Priceless

In all honesty the brownie’s and chocolate cake are for my bosses birthday, chocolate syrup and pb cookies are for my husband, the carrot cake is FOR ME! Love, love, love carrot cake! And my rationalization is that if I only bought “a slice” I wouldn’t feel tempted to eat half the cake. Crazy? Speak for yourself.


michelle said...

is there anything wrong with that list????????????

Semicharmed said...

Of course there's not - but your pregnant - you have an excuse to eat like this, me I've been using the PMS excuse for the last two weeks! It's time for me to give it up I think. Haha!

kimmyk said...

i see nothing wrong with your list except you needed milk to wash it down.