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Monday, December 22, 2008

Put A Ring on It

I used to love that song, it made me happy - made me wanna shake my ass like Beyonce, it made me think even for a second - Jay Z hmmm.....not bad. Was I crazy??
Now, I wanna kick the radio when it comes on. Can't be normal can it?? Good grief.

So today I finished my Christmas shopping finally. Thank GOD! I do have to go out tomorrow to get a few things, but it's all one stop shopping & that is pretty swell. I'm gonna attempt to bake a homemade cheesecake this year, since our favorite bakery in Trenton is gone & I can't see spending $40 on a cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory (so yum but ouch!).
Anyone have any good recipes? Please share. I'll send you some cookies :) Or maybe even a pie, yeah a pie - that sounds better.

Speaking of cookies, I had our annual cookie swap at my house yesterday. A lot of people didn't make it, we didn't have the greatest of weather rain and ice which turned out to be not that but but some of my friends are pretty flaky like that and cancelled at the last minute so there ended up being 7 of us instead of 11 which actually was a really good amount. I had a great time, we girl chatted & swapped some great cookies (DANYUN.....holy moly! your sugar free choc chip cookies were so great! your bro even liked em!!). I can't beleive Christmas is in 3 more days. I'm pretty much prepared, still need to bake and wrap but that's not too bad considering we are usually out Christmas Eve doing the bulk of our shopping. Not this year!

I read a great blog post today about Christmas giving, and cutting back this year with the state of the economy being so horrible. I was curious, did you all cut back? What were some of your money saving techniques this year? For us, honestly - we probably spent half of what we spent last year on gifts. We also, cut back to doing just family (and two very close friends) - whereas most years I buy for all my girlfriends and their kids (which at this point they are going on 3 or more kids a piece). Instead of gifts my girlfriends all decided we would get together between Christmas and New Years for a lunch date - sans kids and hubbies, and actually spend some quality time together. And you know, really isn't that what Christmas is all about? Spending time with the people you love? I'm really looking forward to that this week. Starting with tonight, I'm off to curl up in bed with the H - maybe watch some Paula Deen (because ya know, I like to keep things saucy ya'll).


Mel Heth said...

I intended to cut back, but I think I ended up spending as much as always. I did make a gift for everyone in my family - a DVD of about 200 old vacation pictures - but it took me probably 60 hours. Would've been easier just to buy them something!

Glad your cookie party was a success.

kimmyk said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!