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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Yep - they're getting the best of me. All this unemployment talk, and economy crap has me feeling a little overwhelmed. Am I the only one?? I mean, really - I didn't think much of it a few weeks ago - call me naive and young and stupid, whatever you will but I assumed things would get better. Instead, I hear this weekend DHL is laying off 9500 workers and GM & Ford are in bigger trouble than ever - this after Macy's reports they are down $44m last quarter.
These are scary times. I worry what if something happens to my job, what we will do? How will we make it? I don't know, but I wish I had all the answers.

You know what I do when I get stressed? I bake & I shop. Not neccessarily together in that order, but you know what I mean. Tonight - I made these beauties.

They are from a Paula (Hi YA'LL) Deen recipe that I doctored up a little. Chocolate Cake cookies. Mix together a box of chocolate cake mix (dry)
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla
8 oz cream cheese
1 stick of butter

Roll cookies in a ball and dip in powdered sugar. I added a bag of reese's peanut chips, because seriously everything is better w/PB. Bake @ 325 for around 10 minutes. They are ridiculously good. I think I'm gonna make em for my cookie swap!


kimmyk said...

the DHL plant is here in Ohio-Wilmington. Are you close to me???? In Ohio they said last week there are over 400,000 people without jobs. Not to mention the GM plant closing in the northern part of Ohio December 23rd (merry christmas!) It's sad and very much overwhelming indeed.

I cooked all weekend too! Crazy huh? I made comfort foods. I love Paula!!! Just I hate when she shoves that big ass spoon in her mouth and then tries to talk. What?! LOL!

Thanks for the recipe share. Abbie makes cake cookies all the time, but she doesn't put the cream cheese in it. I'll be sure to let her know this trick.

michelle said...

did u know u can bake those with any "cake mix"? these cookies have been around for ages! i think it was paulas idea to add teh cream cheese.. thats probably what made it "hers". im not into cookies but i have friends who love this recipe. (the same friends who make your favorite pumpkin muffins!)

Semicharmed said...

Kimmy - not really, I'm in PA right outside of Philadelphia - 40,000 people is unbeleivable. Right before Christmas, it sucks - I just worry is this as bad as it's gonna get or are we in for worse? Isn't it funny how times like these that's what we wanna do?? I love Paula too - my husband can't stand her, think's she fake as can be but I just wanna hug her! Abbi is a baker? So great! Definitely let her know, it gives them that extra kick :)

michelle - I sure did, but because I don't think there's anything better in the world besides chocolate and peanut butter I usually use choc cake mix. I tried vanilla with choc chips once and it was ok but not great. Ummm - can I just tell you I have made those muffins every weekend since you gave me that recipe? My ever expanding ass thanks you :)

Mel Heth said...

What a yummy byproduct of stress. I wish I made something instead of just eating everything!

brookem said...

oooh yum. those look delish!