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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankful - Survey Edition

Unfortunately, there's not too much going on right now - so I'll leave you with this fun survey - hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving!!!!

*Where will you be eating this Thanksgiving? At my house with my sister and brother in-law and two kids..... the h and I are cooking, or radther he's cooking and I'll be watching.

*Will you be watching a game this Thanksgiving? I won't but I'm sure the boys will - after all dinner is pretty much being planned around the game

*How long will you spend eating your thanksgiving meal? Definitely not as long as it'll take to prepare it - maybe a half an hour to fourty five minutes - dessert not included

*Are you worried about putting on weight this Thanksgiving? Ummm, not really. Isn't that what the holidays are all about?

*What do you normally eat at Thanksgiving? Turkey, stuffing, potatoes - you know the usual

*What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? Stuffing or Pumpkin Pie

*What will you be thankful for this Thanksgiving? My family

*Do you give cards or presents at Thanksgiving? Not usually

*Are you planning on going shopping the day after Thanksgiving? Not for Christmas gifts, if anything I might hit a few stores just to see what's out there, but I will not be one of those crazy people in line @ 4 am waiting to get into the mall. No, thanks!

*Will you be waking up early to hit the sales? Definitely not!

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