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Thursday, November 20, 2008


I mean, are you kidding me People? Hugh Jackman - sexiest man alive? Oye. I'm not saying he's not handsome, because he is but sexy? I just don't know. Two years in a row you have gotten wrong, all wrong! Last year Mario Lopez - was a stretch - I just don't get the attraction to him - maybe it's because of the whole cheating on his wife bit while they were on their honeymoon that makes him so skeevy in my eyes, but really he does nothing for me.

I think this year we had much better guys to choose from - I mean really the choices were endless - for example:

David Beckham, for starters - holy armani ad. I mean, ladies - you gotta give it to the guy, he's ridiculously hot. Plus he seems like a doting dad and a great husband & really - what's not attractive about that?

Ed Westwick - unbeleivable hot. Smoldering as Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl - which is my little guilty pleasure. He's like 23, which (I can't believe I'm saying it but it's pretty young!) but he's british - that has to make up for it a little bit.

Gerard Butler. Because if you're a girl you saw PS I love you & fell in love with his witty sense of humor and Irish charm.Last but not least - the only reason I'm still watching Grey's Anatomy is because of this guy, Eric Dane aka "McSteamy". I mean, you all remember the towel scene right? Hotness personified. The voice, the body - geez even the grey hair - so sexy!

So tell me were you ladies as disapointed as I was? Who's your pick for sexiest man alive? One of these guys? Someone different? Do share!!!


brookem said...

i reallly like hugh.

i would have picked gerard as number one though. but im happy with the choice still!

Danni said...

I like Hugh too!! Maybe its the accent, maybe its because he seems so confident in who he is (have you SEEN his broadway performance clips?), maybe its his loyalty to his long-time wife. Any of the above and he ain't bad to look at either! Not that Beckham isn't hot, and McSteamy too but I like their choice this year! Just so long as it isn't Brad Pitt...again.

kimmyk said...

yeah not on board with this years pick either.

i got a's a long list...and hugh isn't on it.

i like my list....i keep it all up here....ya know in my head..for those special moments when i'm not in the mood but i'm suppose to be in the mood so that honey doesn't get all bent...

oh sorry. little off target with that rant...but still....i carry my hot guys with me.

Semicharmed said...

brookem - he does nothing for me, does that make me not normal?? I just thought there were so many better picks.

danni - I have to agree with you on the whole long time wife thing, that is pretty darn attractive and endearing. Plus - I like that she's a normal girl! She doesn't look like a trophy wife & I can get behind a guy like that. Thank God no Brad or Matt Damon, or George Clooney - not that their not pretty to look at but good grief - give it up already.

kimmyk - finally! I have a compadre on this one :) Hahahah!!! I am such an open book, everyone knows my list.

michelle said...

i am going to puke about chuck bass. are u insane???? yucko!!!!
totally gross. im so disappointed in you.


Daily dose of Dana said...

I AM TOTALLY WITH YOU ON THE BECKS - seriously no man alive can sport a pair of titey whities like that man - honestly I think they should make men pass a backham test - if you don't even compare you can not even wear!
I mean seriously no one can rock them like that man and as far a Hugh Jackman - I said Hugh who - when I heard the news?

Semicharmed said...

michelle - words cannot describe my love for chuck & yes that wouldn't be the first time I've been told my taste in men is questionable - LOL!

Dana - Becks makes tightey whities HOT again. I mean, seriously - that package?? Holy Moly.