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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Put your records on

Music heals me like nothing else - some of my earliest memories include dancing around to Michael Jackson or Prince (who my mother loved!).

From rocking out with my uncle who loved hair bands (guess that explain my love for Bon Jovi) to discovering Dave Matthews Band and Third Eye Blind the summer after I graduated high school, music has always been a huge part of my life and also a therapy of sorts.

Aside from coming home to my beautiful girl, nothing beats a crappy day like blasting my ipod and just getting lost in music. For me it has the power to heal like nothing else. Some people do drugs or drink, they shop or gamble - I turn on my headphones and am transported to my happy place.

Here are some of my favorites lately:

Matchbox 20 - She's so Mean - Perfect for Summer!!!

Maroon 5 - One more night - Adam Levine and babies?? Do I even need a reason??

Mat Kearney - Ships in the night - I've been a fan of his forever!

Brandi Carlile - Dying Day - Her voice is so raw and captivating. LOVE HER

Tristan Prettyman - Marry You - She wrote this song about her split from Jason Mraz, heartbreakingly beautiful.

These are a few songs, I can't live without right now, tell me what are some of yours??

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Elise @ The Jersey Flower said...

Found you on Coast to Coast, just wanted to stop by and say hello :) Your daughter is precious!

Have a wonderful Saturday ♥
Elise @