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Monday, July 30, 2012

Jewelry Swap Link Up

So, so excited for today!! I signed up for my first (ok maybe second) blog swap, and this one was SO much fun!!! A few weeks ago Melissa hosted a jewelry swap, awesome right??? The rules were - pick one piece out of your jewelry collection - worth no more than $10 - Melissa picked partners for us & voila! Jewelry Swap!!

I received this little beauty from Carly.

SO CUTE!!! I wore it to work twice and have gotten SO MANY compliments!!! Thank you Miss Carly!!! I LOVE IT!

Melissa will be doing another swap soon so make sure you sign up!!

Happy Monday Friends!


Living in La La Land said...

love the necklace you received! such a genius idea right?! love to swap(;

Melissa Enault said...

awww I LOVE this one, the color is gorgeous!! Thanks for participating in the Jewelry Swap!

LaurenLo{me}LoloLC said...

I love the green necklace!!! I'm totally doing the swap again!

Carly said...

Yay so glad you liked it!


Bebe428 said...

Lala - yes! such a great idea. can't wait until the next one!

Melissa - I thought so too :)

Lauren - So am I! I have a ton of jewelry floating around that I never wear anymore - it could use a new home :)

Carly - Yes! It was perfect!! THANK YOU!