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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mom Fail

This weekend was not one of my favorites. In fact, I think I can honestly say, it was one of the worse.

We are approaching the terrible twos rapidly. And – seriously, they are NO JOKE. People aren't kidding when they use that expression.

Saturday started off great, we did some errands - went to visit grandmom, even went to Target and picked out a new "Brave" doll.

We didn't even make it to the check out line before things started to go terribly south. Sophia wanted to sit in the back of the cart, then she wanted to sit in the front, every time I would move her an meltdown ensued. She wanted a "cookie jar", she wanted to go "that way, not this way", seriously the list went on and on. She has become quite the demanding diva. We ended up leaving with half my sanity, and no "Brave" doll. When we got in the car she said "Mama I be a good gull next time". UGH. Heartbroken.

Sunday was much of the same, only we didn't step foot out of the house. By the time 11 rolled around I was sobbing for an hour straight. With a husband needing "air" and a toddler testing every ounce of patience in my body, I just cracked. It wasn't one of my finer moments - but we all have them right?

Things finally calmed down, I fed Sos some lunch and we headed to the park for some air of our own. It seemed to do the trick. After we came home I made it a point to play, and spend as much one on one time with her as possible. And hubby had a good point....he mentioned that all week, all day he is home with her - when I am home on the weekends (or at night) I take over that time. Maybe she is having a hard time adjusting? It’s been 2 years though.... I would think she would be adjusting by now. Maybe it is truly just the terrible twos rearing their ugly head.

Another area is discipline. The H says I am too easy, I think he is too hard.

Somebody please tell me, HOW do you discipline a two year??? We've just introduced time outs, and so far they seemed to help in the short time we've tried it. Other than that, I just don’t know what to do. We try to be consistent and not sweat the small things, pick/choose our battles. Somethings gotta give.

I need some advise on dealing or getting through.... My God, if this is a cake walk compared to the teenage years, I may need to take up drinking – or cupcakes. Yep, cupcakes seem like the perfect remedy.

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