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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Multi-tasking at it's finest

I'm working from home today. Stuck on NJT last night for over 3 hours, this morning they were expected the same delays...needless to say as soon as I saw that I called my boss and said I wasn't coming in, but would be working all day from home instead. Truthfully, there's not a whole lot I can't do from home that I can do in the office - which is nice. Plus I have a pretty great group of assistants that I can count on.
On the plus side, I can also get stuff done at home that so desperately need to be done like:

1-Unloading a dishwasher that's been full for the last 3 weeks, why oh why family don't you do this??
2-Doing the 15 or so loads of laundry that are starting to take over my bedroom
3-Writing out "Thank you" cards - because yes, people this is a priority
4-Spending some quality time (although, let's face it - quality at this point means "I'm home!!") with the H
5 - Oogling (is that even a word) cute pictures of the little guy, which at this very moment my SIL just sent me!! Love her!!

So that's my day in a nutshell, hope everyone has a good hump day, three more days till the weekend - WOO HOO!


Mel Heth said...

I'm jealous! I wish public transit prevented me from coming into the office!

Happy Belated 30th, by the way!!

Semicharmed said...

Mel - Oh it sucks. Public transportation that is. Thanks lady!! It was a blast!!