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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sweet Peas

I smell like a cross between pureed carrots and sweet pears. Yum right?

Unfortunately, it's not the latest bath&body spray - it's baby throw up.

Which I'm covered in from my chest down to my knees.

Good thing she's cute.

I babysat my best friends little peanuts tonight, and they were amazingly sweet - but the youngest who is almost 6 mos., had some stomach issues going on & every time I fed her whether it was the above mentioned beautiful combo or a bottle of formula she got sick. Like projectile sick. Like I had to call my husband and ask him "Is this normal?" "Are babies supposed to throw up this much??"To which he replied "Yes, babies throw up & they pee, and they shit too - get used to it". Ummm hmm. Thanks.

Before I went over, I made pumpkins muffins! I made the mistake of stopping by Dunkin Donuts last Tuesday for some OJ and decided "hey, let me try these new pumpkin muffins" and my word were they amazing! So I tried to make them this weekend and you know, they were super easy! Thanks to a simple recipe from Michelle, which consisted of 1 box of Spice cake mix and one 15 oz. can of pumpkin. Seriously that's it, super easy and super yummy!

Here's the finished product:

Sprinkled a little brown sugar and regular sugar on top, and wal-a.......done. The perfect breakfast for this time of the year without breaking the bank. Your ass on the other hand....well I don't know.


michelle said...

check out that "muffin presentation"!!! love it. hahaa i think you are watching food network with "the hubby" a bit too much!! lol
and i NEED that baby! SO SO SOO CUTE!!!

Mel Heth said...

Your presentation is so cute! Little acorns and a pine cone on the plate. Adorable.

That baby is precious. I'm sorry she barfed on you so much...I guess that's why they make them so cute. :)

Semicharmed said...

michelle-I know, I was feeling radther creative! I think you are right, I think I may need a break from all things Paula Deen & Sandra Lee. She is a beauty isn't she?

mel - thanks! I think your right - the have to even the playing field somehow I suppose :)