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Friday, October 17, 2008

Simply the best

I'm not Oprah, although come to think of it, I wouldn't mind walking in her beautiful Louboutin's for a day. But in the tradition of her favorite things show and this post; here are a few of my favorite things (why, but that sentence there made me want to burst out in song a la Mary Poppins)!

C.O. Bigelow Orange Mentha Lip Shine (via bath and body works) - love the way this makes my lips shine! Plus I love the way the menthol feels & seriously girls - this stuff makes your breath smell minty fresh all day!

Chanel Precision Rectifiance Intense Serum - First let me just tell you - with the SIL being a counter manager a cosmetic company, I get to try out some pretty cool things. This little guy, being one of them. Can I just say - I love this stuff. Love maybe isn't a strong enough word but seriously - this stuff is amazing. But at $82 a bottle, it's a little steap but my oh I do love it.

Do you see a Chanel theme here? This is my go to fragrance, especially now that it's a little cooler - so pretty and feminine without being too girly and too strong.

Maybe it's Gossip Girl (thanks Blair Waldorf and your pretty little headbands) but I just picked up this beauty from Forever 21 - a store which can I tell you I can't squeeze my ankle in but they have adorable accessories - supa dupa cheap! This beauty $4 - I'm thinking of wearing this around the holidays with a simple black dress for a little zing.

Mac Zoom Lash - Now I have to say, I'm usually not a huge fan of mac makeup. Is it me or does it sometimes make you look a little porn starish?? Maybe that's not a good comparison - but ladies do you know what I mean? But this mascara, it gives you that fake eyelash look without looking overly obnoxious. For a night out - this is my go to pick.

OPI's "You Don't Know Jacques" nailcolor. I love OPI and their clever little nailpolish names. This isn't a color I would normally go for but it looks really pretty on, and in case you were wondering - these are not my real nails. Just so we're clear.

And to prove I'm not just a product whore - my most favoritist book of the year...Twilight. I just got done reading this, in 4 days. Yep four days!! My BF just picked this book for our book club & at first I was a little hesistant to read this. I'm not a fan of fantasy writing, I like a good chick read but I never really caught on to the whole Harry Potter phenomenon and thought this would be just like it. Well - it's not. It's unbelivably amazing. It's a love story at the core between a human and a vampire. Seriously if you haven't read it yet - go get it. I promise you will not be disapointed!!!

Last but not least.....a look at my bed. I think I could start my own newstand - because honestly there is nothing I love more than a magazine. Any kind, I'm not picky really: trashy, gossip, fashion, home, Oprah - really I love em all. So much so that I may need a support group.

So tell me what are some of your favorite things that you can't live without?


michelle said...

i love magazines too!!

you are the 100th person to tell me about the twilight series. i said the same as you. i didnt like harry potter and not a fan of that writing style..we will have to talk about this one!!

lesli said...

Loved your list! That headband is too sassy ~ you should not be surprised if you see me pictured in it very soon!

kimmyk said...

what's the serum for?
i've been looking for a perfume to wear for months. i have a very touchy head when it comes to smells-i need something light but not girly sweet smelling. i'll check this one out next time i'm in sephora or macy's.

that headband is cute as shit! (well you know what i mean) i wish i could pull that look off.

i love me some bigelow. i have the spearmint menthol lip stuffs. love that. i've not seen the orange but you can bet your butt i'll be lookin at it tomorrow cause i got a free gift coupon from bath and body works yesterday. i'm cashin that sucker in tomorrow.

brookem said...

my friend just sent me the twilight book. and like you at first, im leery. but ive heard heaps of good things, so i think im going to start in on it. :)

Semicharmed said...

michelle - I am obsessed, it's really kind of sick. And really - I'm gonna get you to read it! I will bring it to the shower - just try it, I promise you will LOVE IT!

lesli - thanks! loved yours too! I think you could TOTALLY pull off that headband, and really for $4 - it's one of the best things I've gotten in a long time!

kimmyk - to be honest....I don't know! I think it's a "line eraser" or some funny stuff like that. But I use it like a moisturizer and beleive me it's amazing. If you got to Macy's ask them for a sample, that way you can try it before you shell out big bucks!
As far as the headband I think you could totally pull it off. I hear ya on the bigelow stuff, it's one of my favorites (obvs) I love b&b this time of the year!

brookem - I promise you will like it, I just went out and bought the second book - it's that good!

Danni said...

Ok, first of all, love that you gave cosmetics a nice plug...however, MAC mascara? Seriously??? I haven't been giving you enough samples to try. The MAC girls send their clients AWAY to other lines to buy mascara! I'm rooting through my stuff now to find you want false lash? You ain't seen false lash from MAC unless you're glueing them on!!