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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Steady as we go

“When the storm comes,You shelter me.And I don't say a word,And you know exactly what I mean.In the darkest times,You shine on me.You set me free.And keep me steady as we go”

Calling from the train late tonight I asked my husband "whatcha doing?"
He replied with "nothing just waiting for my wife to come home".

After a long day, or hell even a long week (I know its only Tuesday) that's all I needed to hear.

He may not put his socks in the hamper or listen to me when I'm rambling about what a travesty it is that Misty May got hurt and now I won't get to watch Maks every Monday.
He may snore really loud and sometimes want to be extra snuggly when really all I want is my side of the bed all to myself.

But really at the end of the day he's pretty great and he thinks I'm pretty great - which in itself is pretty spectacular.

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