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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Trick or Treat

So my BFF has decided to host her first ever Halloween Party. Costumes MANDATORY.

Here’s the problem – I’m not so much of a Halloween kinda girl. I mean don’t get me wrong…..I decorate, I go out and buy copious amounts of chocolate that I end up eating….I mean giving out to the three kids that live our building. But I’m not much of a dressing up kinda girl – maybe I never was.

As a kid – Halloween was definitely my LEAST favorite holiday. Anyway, I need help. Because this is the first year, in many, many a years that I will be forced to dress up. After scouring the internet for days – here are some cute options I found:

Option 1 - Red Riding Hood

Kinda cute, but not trying so hard to be sexy. This is definitely on the top of my list.

Option 2 Tavern Wench

This is different, I think I could go the swiss route and do the whole French braid thing on each side of my head and it has the potential to be cuter.

Option 3 - Sexy Pirate

I’m not sure how I feel about this one – I think it’s definitely my last choice, I have a feeling I would feel super self conscious all night.

Option 4 - Gypsy Rose

What exactly is a Gypsy Rose really? It’s cute – probably my second favorite if I had to pick.
So here’s where you come in, I am desperate need of your help. Which one is your favorite: Option 1 – Red Riding Hood Option 2 – Tavern Wench Option 3 – PirateOr Option 4 – Gypsy Rose? Please help a girl out.


brandy said...

I have very strong feelings on Halloween costumes- I would go with the first one. It's a good costume but not overly sexy. (And if you WANT to get sexy, you can just make a lot of jokes about your basket. Ahh, I'm a child.)

Semicharmed said...

brandy - I do too. I feel like sometimes just because it's halloween it gives girls an excuse to be a hoochie mama, and you know - it's just not for me. I agree - I do like the first one, it's cute but not to over the top. Hahaha!! I love the basket comment, 1 too many drinks and I may just have to use that one.

kimmyk said...

i'm not a dress up for halloween kind of girl. and i'm not a girl who wants to draw attention to herself, so honestly i would go with number 2 and be the beer wench.

the other ones are too sexy for me to pull off.

good luck picking one and i hope you have a good time when you go. make sure you let 'us' know which one you chose.

kimmyk said...

your book list on the side...

give me a good one to read...something light, something funny. easy reading for when i am on my lunch hour.


Semicharmed said...

kimmyk - me neither, that's why I really don't like halloween. And really I think I'm a little to shy for the whole sexy get ups. I will definitely keep you posted as to which one I pick! Oh and as for the book pick - light and funny? Hmm.....Moose was definitely pretty funny - so is anything by David Sedaris, he's hysterical. I'm currently reading Twilight and can I tell you it is amazing! I can't put it down!!

brookem said...

i vote #1! i like the red a LOT, and you want to be comfy, and this seems like the best one.

Semicharmed said...

brookem - I'm so stuck.....decisions, decisions - what to do???!! I'm going out this weekend to pick the winner so will let you all know what I pick :)