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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Grace in Small Things 3/365

1. Frosting straight out of the can (thank you Betty Crocker)
2. Snail mail, preferrably hand written notes and cards from old friends
3. Snow! Leading to 3 day weekends (cross your fingers!!)
4. At home manicures
5. New books


kimmyk said...

i love cream cheese frosting right out of the tub. and i love betty crocker. and vanilla frosting too. and that kind you put on german chocolate cake...i like that too.

and i like manicures if my daughter is giving me one. as horrible as it is, it's the best!

oh! and i love that frosting that has the sprinkles in the lid. it's like a special extra treat. love that.

Semicharmed said...

KimmyK - me too! it's pretty pathetic, and could explain why my ass keeps getting bigger and bigger but I digress.

Oh no, that sounds pretty incredible!! Me personally I don't care who's giving them as long as I'm getting em!

And yay for sprinkles on the lid - I've been experimenting with my own homemade frosting and seriously it's just not the same!