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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Compromising or Selling out

You know what I really hate? I mean really, really hate? More than rainy days, Monday mornings & pork (ack!) - I hate girls who try to change who they are for their man. I have a friend, yes this friend. Who is still carrying on with the married man. Ummm hmmm......I know, I can't believe it myself. Anyway, this friend of mine - is a totally different person nowadays. Like totally different.

Here are a few examples:

We used to have an arsenal of gossip and fashion magazines to read for our commute home. She's not interested anymore in the goings on of Brad and Angie & Jen and John.
Now, you wanna know what she reads? The Wall Street Journal. Are you for real? Last time I checked, we don't work on Wall Street.

Also, I was never "allowed' to wear perfume on our commute together, because it bothered her allergies and she couldn't "stand" the smell of fragrances. Now girlfriend is dropping hundreds of dollars on Chanel fragrances because her guy likes em.

Today, she went on a shopping spree & spent an un-GODLY amount of money on new clothes because "I have to look great for him, ya know it's an investment in my dating life". Really?? Because I've always felt like, if he likes you - I mean really likes you - it's for you. Not what you think he wants you to be, but for you.

I mean am I wrong? Am I just that removed from the dating scene? Because ya know, it has been awhile. Tell me your thoughts. What part of yourself would you be willing to compromise for your relationship?


michelle said...

i see nothing wrong with wanting to smell good, look nice for and to do things bc ur "significant other" likes these things.. BUT if you are completely changing former beliefs ... it is a BIT wierd!!

Dannielle said...

Every relationship that is going to survive needs compromise. Maybe she is letting go of her rigidity and trying new things. Most of us DON'T do that and we should. I'd like to know what he is changing for her? Obviously not leaving his wife...But to fundamentally change who you are for someone else is stupid. One day you will wake up and realize you don't even like who you've become.

Mel Heth said...

I get torn on this topic. I think it's okay to grow and expand (reading the WSJ isn't such a bad thing) but if it's all in the name of winning over a married man, uhh I have a problem with that.

Semicharmed said...

Michelle - I don't either, beleive me BUT when you are doing a complete 180 personality wise for a guy, that creeps me out.

Dannielle - Your right, maybe she is stepping outside of the box which is good - but AHA, he's doing nothing for her. NADA. Still cheating, still promising her the world after 6 months. Maybe that is the part that I am so annoyed about.

Mel - Me too, I think it's great to try new things - BUT she is only doing it to get him. And that's what bothers me so much.