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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Saturday

So today is shaping up to be a pretty great Saturday. Considering last night ended with tears, and going to bed angry - with me not speaking to the H, seriously why do guys have to be such assholes sometimes?? Anyway, he apologized (shockingly) things are better - so this morning I decided to treat myself to some retail therapy. We have this amazing used book store up the street from my apartment that sells well, used books. They were having a sidewalk sale on kids books for 25 and 50 cents. I got some for my nephew and then decided to go inside and take a peek for me. Here’s what I came out with. The Washiontonienne which I’ve wanted to read forever and a few other books that I’ve been eyeing all for $15. Yep 15 bucks. Love it.
Tonight, we're heading over to my SIL'S to watch the little guy. I would be lying if I didn't tell you I am thrilled to be spending the night with him. Expect tons of pics tomorrow.


kimmyk said...

Oh you can't go wrong with Richard Scary and little boys!! Oh and Pooh!! Good choices.

The other books I'm not familiar with, but it appears you got a great deal.

Sorry to hear you were upset, and yes, men can be douchebags at times. They really have no flippin' clue sometimes. Keep smilin' girlie and if he pisses you again....*runs finger across throat* cut 'em.


Semicharmed said...

Kimmyk - I know, I just couldn't resist. I love books! Now, I just have to get reading! Yeah, why is that?? I really don't get them at all! LOL!! I love that suggestion!! I will keep that in mind for next time!!

michelle said...

it has to be hit or miss. i stopped in there 4 times so far and came out with 1 book each time!
i was soooo not impressed!

glad last night was a success! love the pics of ian.

Semicharmed said...

michelle - for real?? everytime I go in there I get so much stuff!! I need to stop and actually start reading more! Yes, last night was perfect! Paul hogged Ian all night - bastard :)