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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Last Week (In Pictures)

Finally tried the Sticker Mani. I've bought so many versions of these from Sally Hansen to Loreal, and these Kiss. I've heard so many people say they are easy and they live the no mess (with a toddler I thought these would for sure be a hit!). But no bueno! They were a pain to apply, and then even after filing they felt rough. After two days they started to lift, and I ended up peeling them all off! Granted I didn't do a top coat, but really not sure I will be rushing to try these again. FAIL

 I decorated for Spring!!! After a 55 degree day last week, I was ready!!! Now it's snowed twice and they are calling for more this week! Oye! 

Sophia got an early St Patty's Day package in the mail from her Grammy Pat! She was beyond excited and couldn't wait to open it. 


 Wednesday night me and my girlfriend saw Tristan Prettyman and Anya Marina at a local venue in Philly. If you know me you know that I absolutely love TP! She is one my favorite ladies, raw and beautiful. We've followed her for many years and I'm so happy she has finally gotten the recognition she deserves! If you haven't heard of her, check her out here! 
We were able to meet her afterwards and she is just as sweet as I could have imagined!

We crawled in around 1am, let me tell you - I HAVE NOT done that in many, many years. I was feeling it the next day! And for the record, I'm 34 not 40. In case you were wondering. 


Also I know there's been a ton of bloggers posting about the close of google friend connect, and like most bloggers im jumping over to Bloglovin too. You can click on the little button at the top of my page to follow! 

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