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Monday, March 11, 2013

Is this really happening? And other random thoughts on a Friday.

Seriously - for the first time in, well WEEKS - I finally found the desire to post, or write something, anything for that matter & stupid blogger is having issues uploading my photos? You suck blogger!

Anyhow, is it really March? Is Easter really right around the corner? Did I really wake up to snow Friday morning. You betcha.

This weather is making me long for spring, for warmer weather, summer dresses, and for the love of all things holy - sandals! My feet are dying to break free. With temperatures hopefully hitting the high sixties next week maybe, just maybe they'll get their wish!

In other news, little miss got her first ever hair cut last weekend. Girlfriend was SO excited! Miss Dana did an excellent job, and afterwards we went out and celebrated with some lunch and lots of shopping. LOTS of shopping! Which in my opinion, is ALWAYS the best way to celebrate! This weekend the sun finally started to shine, temperatures climbed up to 55 degrees, and I finally took the Spring / Easter decorations out and went to town. We finished up last night witha yummy dinner, and the movie Flight. Denzel Washington is just amazing. If you're looking for a great movie to watch - I highly reccommen this one, what a great flick!

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