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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Twenty Five

Because life is so hectic right now, this really is all I can muster up. This has been floating around on Facebook for a little while so I figured, why not - let me try a shot at this. Wouldn't ya know it took me almost 2 hours to get through.

25 Random Things About Me

1. I bake when I'm nervous, it calms me and makes me happy. In the middle of a crisis some people breakdown, throw things & scream. I bake cupcakes & chocolate chip cookies.
2. I have a weakness for handbags. As in, I tend to buy at least 2-3 a month. What can I say, I get tired of things very easily.
3. I used to be the nice girl but I've recently been told I'm not so nice anymore, thanks New York for making me jaded and neurotic.
4. I love cheesy country music, I think it's the southern girl in me.
5. I really wanna be a mom
6. I have a ridculous love for magazines. I just counted, I currently have 54 in my little (or should I say really big!) basket. That's last month and this month's issues (plus some weeklies thrown in for good measure).
7. I'm a sucker for boys with guitars. Seriously, no questions asked - I'm yours.
8. I hate moving, I would really be ok if I never moved again in my life.
9. I love kitchen gadgets
10. Home Goods is one of my favorite stores & may very well be the demise of my marriage.
11. Public Speaking freaks me out, I'm not shy at all when it comes to meeting new people - but if I have to talk in front of a lot of people at work or give a presentation I panic.
12. When I was in 1st grade I had a crush on a boy with short blonde hair. That "boy" ended up being a girl named April. She fooled me, because to this day when I think about her - I think she really, truly looked like a boy.
13. I am in love with my nephew. Like borderline obsession in love with him. Like I wanna squeeze his chubby cheeks and smother him in kisses every chance I get in love with him. He's only 3 weeks old, I can't wait until he can talk - I can teach him all sorts of fun things!
14. I never graduated college, it's probably the one thing in life I would do differently if I could. 15. I love my husband to the moon and beyond. He's my best friend.
16. I have an irrational fear of cotton balls. Don't ask me to explain, I really don't know where it came from.
17. Sober House (on vh1) is my new addiction (no pun intended). It makes me cry every time I watch it.
18. I'm always cold, even in the dead of summer.
19. I would die to spend one night with Jon Bon Jovi. Literally, keel over and die. I love that man so much.
20. General Hospital is my favorite guilty pleasure. I've been watching since I was 4, with my grandmom everyday when she took care of me. Brenda Barrett is my favorite tv character of all time and when she left the show, I refused to watch for two years. Eventually, I got over it.
21. I've been told I drive like I'm 80.
22. I'm only turning 30 this year but I'm terrified.
23. I push too hard and give too much. It's led to much heartache.
24. I love getting real, snail mail. Nothing makes me happier.
25. My dream is to retire and move to Virginia. On a little farm and perhaps a porch with a swing. I'm determined to make it happen someday.

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