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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today I feel:





Yep, that’s it – I said it Fat. Could be the fact that I haven't had my girlie friend in ummm 48 days (no I'm not preggo). Or could be the holidays, while amazing & wonderful & magical as they were, actually were my downfall this year. I gained 13 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years. Ummm – 13 pounds. That’s a lot. 3 bags of sugar almost, 15 pounds of pototoes. Holy moly. Anyway, I’m trying to get it off. I worked hard last year changing my diet, excersizing (ok even if it was just a teeny bit) and I managed to take off almost a little over 30 pounds. A-freaking mazing right? Yeah. Then this thing happened, where I just sort of loss control – self control that is.

So one of my goals this year (and I’m not saying resolution because seriously, like most people I never stick to them!) is to loose a little more weight, stop eating things that are really not good for me. Drink more water, you know instead that evil diet soda – which they say doesn’t have any calories but it just can’t be good for you. I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna stop talking about it & really just do it. I’m going to be thirty this year & I know that if I don’t change the habits that I have now, in 10-20 years it may be too late.

So that’s my goal this year, oh and also to be a little more organized, more cost conscious, and not stress so much over silly things. Baby steps people.

Oh and speaking of baby steps. How about the cutest little baby EVER??? Be still my heart.

Thanks to this lady for her amazing photo abilities!


Mel Heth said...

Right on, sister! More power to ya!

Daily dose of Dana said...