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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Epic Fail

You see that? That was supposed to be this:

Unfortunately, it didn't really quite turn out that way. Today was my first (and maybe last!) attempt at making home made bread via my brand spanking new bread maker from the h. What did I do wrong? I followed all the directions, but apparently - I was missing something! My bread didn't even form. It came out of the bread machine looking like a crumbly mess! Does anyone have experience with bread makers? Any tips? Help!


kimmyk said...

ooh dear no. i have one that has been sitting on a shelf for 4 years now unused in the box.

you just scared me into keeping it there for another 4. LOL!

LMc1381 said...

Ha - found your blog through my friend Michelle's! Funny.... that is kind of how I cook, I totally messed up this pasta dish the other day. I left the pasta in the hot water while I was finishing the sauce and hey! what do you know... it continues to cook in hot water!!

Mel Heth said...

My sister used to make bread with a breadmaker all the time - I'll ask her the secret when she returns from her winter vacation.

Semicharmed said...

kimmyk-seriously, i'm ready to shelve this one too. I'm thinking about taking it back - lord knows I could find something that I could actually use at Williams Sonoma instead of this thing. Too hard!!

lmc1381 - hey, thanks for stopping by!! oh my goodness, that my dear is why I don't cook! thank GOD for takeout!

mel - for real?? do share! I'm all but ready to give up on this thing!