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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Showers and Such

I’m all consumed with baby shower planning these days. It’s pretty nuts right? I mean, how do you ladies planning big fat weddings do it? I can’t imagine, and really I think I’ve said it before Thank GOD I had a small wedding & eloped. But you know, my sister in law is one of my best friends & I just want to make this day so special for her. So baby shower. Do I need a theme? I mean, I’ve read all these mentions in magazines (F-U Martha Stewart) and they all talk of the importance to have a theme or a focal to the shower. Sorry but I thought the MOM TO BE should be the focal point or is that wrong? I just don’t know. Also – I am stuck w/invitations. I’ve narrowed it down to three:

As you could see I’ve got a brown/blue thing going on. I love those colors and so does my sister in law, so I figured that would be a good choice color wise. But really I need some help kind readers, which one would you like? #1, #2 or #3?

Oh and just for good measure and because really nothing makes me feel better than Johnny, how cute is my favoritist guy strolling for office space right in my neck of the woods (even if they are work woods, ya know – they still count!).


kimmyk said...

i like number 2.
and i agree, love the brown and baby blue combo.

and brown and pink too!!!

Semicharmed said...

kimmy - I'm totally leaning towards that one too. I think I want to redo my whole HOUSE in those colors. I love it.

michelle said...

i like them all but i really like 1! simple.
and i LOVE the combo and if you need ANY help, let me know!!!

thanks for commenting on my blog! and im glad i can "Stalk" your blog now too! i am a blog junkie!!!

Mel Heth said...

I like #2 too. Very cute. I think as long as you carry the colors through, you don't need a theme. Although you could do something with birds since there are birdies on the invitation.

Jonny is so darn cute. :)

Like the new blog btw!

Semicharmed said...

michelle - number one was my top choice, but I went with # 2 - I finally ordered them today & I'm crossing my fingers and holding my breath that they get here Wednesday! thanks & I just may take you up on that. me too, I'm kind of a newbie though :)

mel - thanks me too, that was the one I finally picked today. I think your right, as long as I stick with those colors, maybe I'm not going with a theme - after all baby is the theme right?? You know how I love me some Jon :) Oh and thanks. Welcome back!!