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Monday, September 29, 2008

The reason why I love Monday nights.....

Maksim. Umm hmmm.......he's the reason why I can't wait for Monday nights to be here.

I LOVE Dancing with the Stars, which the H and SIL have forced me to watch the last two weeks & you know what I'm glad they did! This guy is smoking - I mean beyond smoking really. I may want to have his babies and you know even clean his kitchen or his bathroom for good measure. Gorgeous.

Oh and my other reason why I love Monday nights:

Gossip Girl. And Blair Waldorf. Although I feel like I may be borderline getting a little too old for this show (hello new 90210, WHAT is the deal??? I don't love you!).
So what do you love about Monday? Maks? Blair? Do tell.


brandy said...

I hate saying this... but "The Hills" is my Monday night viewing. I love it and hate it in equal amounts.

Mel Heth said...

Oh I love Max on Dancing w/the stars too. Is he straight?

Haven't yet watched Gossip Girl, despite my niece's prodding. I have gotten hooked on Heroes, though.

brookem said...

well helloooooo! look at him, and his hair! mmm.

mondays for me? the hills. and im not ashamed to admit that.

Semicharmed said...

brandy - I know your love of the hills & seriously, I'm all with you - but for the last few episodes I don't know - I haven't been into.

mel - me too!! totally straight and totally hot, good golly can that man move. You have to check out GG - as for Heroes I have seen a few eps here and there but I'm not loving it.

brookem - yep! pretty great hoh right? I think I may see a future candidate for you :) And for the record no one should be afraid to admit their love for the hills, it's the gultiest of guilty pleasures in my book.

Danni said...

HEROES!!!! and dancing with the stars :)