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Saturday, September 13, 2008

How time flies

Today, while I was out doing some very important shopping for some new fall/winter clothes I ran into my very first boss. My first job when I graduated high school was in retail at Fashion Bug (so not cool I know!). I was hired on the spot, the manager and I hit it off immediately & her and I became fast friends. I had zero experience in the retail word, but quickly caught on. I loved the atmosphere, the girls I worked with were all around my age, right out of high school or getting ready to graduate. The only that I couldn't stand, which would ultimately lead to my quitting were the hours. As I'm sure you can imagine - retail hours suck, big time. Your on your feet all day, dealing with the rudest people. I lasted a little over two years there, being young and immature I quit one weekend mad over a scheduling conflict - not the smartest thing to do but seriously I was 19. So today, I had a coupon to trusty Fashion Bug - so I decided to check out what they had - I've seen these new jeans advertised, they're supposed to be fit to your shape (yada, yada, yada) so I wanted to go check them out. Anway - I walk in the door and who do I see? My old boss!!! We both could hardly contain ourselves. We caught up and talked about old times, she is now apparently the district manager for a dozen or so stores in our area & really loving it. She asked me if I had any interest to come back to retail, and I said HELL NO! Not in a million years, I would sell my ass before I would go back to that. But she told me if I ever needed anything I could go to her. She asked me if I was still with "that guy". I told her that guy, is my now husband - 12 years later and still going strong. She couldn't beleive it. She said "We all warned you about him, to stay away - he was too old for you and had a family already", which they did - but what can I say I loved "that guy" and we made it work. We made plans to meet up for lunch to properly catch up and as we hugged goodbye & she told me how proud she was of me for all that I became, I told her - I have a lot of it to thank to her. She really showed me the ropes & taught me alot of the fundamentals that you use in a day to day working environment. It's always nice seeing old friends, but seriously I felt so old! So much time has gone by, and I feel like lately its catching up to me. I guess the whole "gonna be 30 soon" is making me freak out.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend, I'm off to make Pizza Lasagna & Grape Long Island Iced Teas (ummmm.......yumm!!!).


kimmyk said...

"gonna be 30 soon" is freakin you out?? really?? shut your mouth.


30? yeah.

Girl, I am in my freakin forties now.


No. *shakin my head*

I love fashion bug. I use to shop in one when I lived in BG all the damn time. Loved that store. So cute. Cute shoes...cute everything!

What's pizza lasagna?

Semicharmed said...

Kimmyk - it really is! I know, I'm being a moron & you know the funny part is - I can't wait for my fourties, to finally have my sh*t together, hopefully have a family & going to PTA meetings? Yeah it's sounds blissful. But thirty just kinda scares me. I have a love hate relationship with FB - sometimes I go in there I find everything and other times, nada.

Oh you don't know Pizza Lasagna? Girl I am sending you the recipe! Guy has my heart seriously.