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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sick (Edition 457)

I'm sick, again. W.T.F!
I know, this is like the 6th time since November. Crazy right?? Went to the doctor this morning, because seriously I just can’t take it anymore. Woke up Saturday morning to what felt like razor blades in my throat. By the time Saturday night rolled around I spiked a fever and was out cold by 7:00pm, which never happens, not that I wouldn't mind it if it did.
Sunday, I stayed in bed all day - watched a Tough Love marathon (which is my new favorite show btw), the last few episodes of Brothers & Sisters and The Real Housewives of NYC and saw a sneak preview for the Jersey houswives, all I can say is girls hold on to your aqua net.

Monday morning, I felt like a truck had rolled over me, there was no way I was hauling my ass to NYC. My boss told me if I didn't feel up to it to stay home Tuesday also, and that's exactly what I did. This morning, after waking up for the 5th day in a row feeling like complete and utter crap I finally caved and called the doctor. If I just have a cold I usually don't go to the doctor, hell - I usually don't go to the doctor ever, but that's another story for another day.
Anyway, after the visit, which was pretty worthless aside from the fact that they took my $25 co-pay, poked me for bloodwork (ouch) and wrote me $50 in prescriptions (which I didn't fill) Doc told me “yeah, you have the flu, it really needs to just work it's course."
This my friends, is why I don’t go to the doctors ever. So now I’m laying around in my pj’s - BORED out of my mind - watching the E! THS, of JLO (which truth be told, is pretty great!). I can't watch one more baby story or jon and kate plus 8 marathon so I think I’m heading back to work tomorrow. At this point, anything looks better than the couch.

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