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Thursday, April 4, 2013

What's in my bag

I've seen a few of these posts floating around blog land, and I thought - what a great excuse for me to finally clean out my bag! There may or may not have been crunched up crackers, diapers (clean, thank you) and half eaten lollipops at the bottom of my bag - BUT NOW she's clean!! And I'm ready to show her and all her belongings off! 

Bag by Vera Bradley. I splurged a few months ago and bought myself a new Vera. Normally hubby buys me one for Mothers Day, but I was long overdue! Plus commuting to NYC everyday, I needed something big, and roomy enough to hold all my crap! This one I love because it I need to bring home folders from work this had a little section in the middle that fits them perfectly

Contents (from l to r):
Princess fruit snacks for little miss
WW calculator and food journal 
Rosebud Salve Lipbalm 
A stack of fresh new magazines (be still my heart....) 
An inhaler (for this nasty could I can't seem to shake) 
Some hair ties, clips, etc 
A Special K bar
Various nail polishes, lip glosses, mascaras, and nail filers
Airborne (commuting is hell on the immune system!)
A little monsters inc. notebook for little miss in case we are out and she gets antsy! 
Blackberry for work
A half empty bottle of water
Deodorant (a girls gotta stay fresh!) 
A saucy little makeup bag (that was a free target score!!!) 

A lot of stuff I know, but when your working sometimes 14 hour days, all of this is a necessity! 

So ladies, spill it - what's in YOU'RE bag??? 

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