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Thursday, September 6, 2012



For the last week I've struggled with what to write, how much should I let go, what's ok to put out there, and what's not.  Some things have been heavy on my heart, but they don't just affect me so, putting them out there seems, well unfair to the rest of my fam.  The H and I are not splitting up, just to be clear, and our little miss is perfectly fine (Thank the Lord!!)

Things are changing, but you know sometimes change is good, sometimes its much needed and overdue - in order for us to grow.
But change is hard! Especially for me.
I like things the way I like them.
I like normalcy. I like my simple little life, drama free. But this isn't about me, and its not my journey. So for now, I'm rolling with the changes.

Learning how to adapt and trying to see the positive.

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Olivia Grace said...

I can definitely relate!! Change can be so hard but I really try to believe that things happen for a reason, even the hard times, and change usually brings something amazing. It's all a matter of perspective. Hope everything is well with you and yours!!