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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sophia is ONE - Part 1

Last Thursday my little mama turned one! Wow!! I still can't get over how fast this last year went by. It almost doesn't seem real. But it is!

Sophia wanted NOTHING to do with cake or celebrating, see what happens when your babies don't nap??!!!

Eventually though, she cheered up. Opened some presents, and out of everything was most fascinated by the directions! HA!

We had a great day, filled with fun times at Sesame Place, our family, and of course lots of cake!!!! Sophia had a great time, and even crashed out pretty early - which if you know her, you know that is pretty unusual.

Seriously, how cute are sleeping babies??!!!

I'm so looking forward to this next year to come, discovering the little person that my girl will become. Next weekend we'll have her official party, with our extended family and all of our friends. I can't wait!

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