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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Last Week

Last week marked my first week back to work after being home for nearly 4 months (7weeks post baby). To say walking out the door Tuesday morning was hard would be an understatement.
I could hardly look at my baby girl curled up in her pj's sound asleep in her swing. But I gave her a kiss and out the door I went, crying all the way to the train station - mascara running down my face. Once I got to the train station, I fixed myself up and tried to pull it together. I thought "women have been doing this for decades, get it together".
And just like that I did. I tried to take the once dreaded 90 minute train ride to catch up on some reading (''the baby whisperer" GENIUS!) and listen to some new tunes (Ray Montagne if you must know!). Dare I say it, it was actually kind of nice. Don't get me wrong I would have given my left and right leg, at that point to not have to be there. But, I had a whole hour to myself. One not involving having to do copius amounts of laundry, baby bottles or poopie diapers. Not bad!!
Although I couldn't wait to get home to my little girl, a few hours away did me good, in fact hopefully it only makes our time together that much better. Someone told me last week "it's not about the number of hours you spend with them neccessarily but what you make of it while you are there", and I thought - SO TRUE! So I went home Tuesday night and gave Sophia a bath, stayed up a little later with her, and even took over dad's late night feeding. Because I wanted to. In fact, I needed that extra time with her. To kiss her, to hug her, to love on her a little more. Besides, really who needs sleep when there's chubby baby legs to bite?

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