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Saturday, March 6, 2010

5 Months - Where did it go??

As I’m approaching the end of my 5th month of pregnancy, I can’t help but think – holy crap, where did the time go??!!
On the 15th I’ll be beginning my 6th month, which means – OMG, 4 more months to go (Yes ladies, you are pregnant for 10 months, not 9 months like people like to say! Believe me this has been one of the most CONFUSING things about being pregnant!).

I’m still experiencing some morning sickness, which isn’t as bad as before but still pops up on me from time to time; like my visit to the grocery store a couple of weeks ago where I puked all over the front entrance to our local Giant – so not pretty! And while we’re at it, heartburn? It’s seriously my new bff – I mean really, who wakes up in the morning with heartburn? It doesn’t ever stop. Also, let’s talk about cravings. They’re pretty intense & they seem to go in spurts. Like for most of my pregnancy so far, it’s been pizza. Specifically Pizza Hut pizza. I literally have ate pizza at least three times a week if not more since I’ve become pregnant – I LOVE PIZZA. Last week it was Strawberries, which really – if your going to have a craving, I guess strawberries are not the WORSE thing you can have. Literally, I would buy 2 or 3 pints at a time. One night last week I called “The H” on my way home from work and told him I would be a little late because I HAD to go get some strawberries. He said I sounded like it was life or death, but clearly – he doesn’t full understand that what this baby wants? This baby gets. And well, she wanted strawberries.
This week, it’s Apple Juice and Whatchamacallit chocolate bars, though not together – even though that sounds tempting at the moment. I mean, it’s so strange!! They say you generally crave what your bodies lacking, which if that’s the case, I guess I’m lacking sugar and more sugar? Not so sure about that one.
I’m scared to see how much weight I’ve gained at my next appointment, even though I’m still down 4 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight (thank you morning sickness), I feel like I’m not going to be so lucky this next appointment – which truthfully is ok with me. As long as little miss is healthy, I’m not going to fret over how much or how little weight I’m gaining.

This weekend we’re going to do the big registry, probably at babies r us – I don’t have the patience or the time to go from store to store so I’d rather just do one store, where we can sign up for everything we need. Which leads me to my new dilemma – what do we REALLY need? Obviously the basics, I know – but is there one thing you couldn’t live without when you brought your little one home from the hospital? One thing that you never thought of that turned out to be a savior? Please share!!!


Etsuko said...

Things that saved me...
A changing table - my parents never had one, my sister never had one, but my husband wanted I indulged him. You have no idea how much easier it is to deal with a baby if everything is right there where you need it, every time you need it! Plus, it's the perfect height where I'm not stooped over him on the floor or anything.

And burp cloths... NOT the stuff labeled "burp cloths" at the store - those are ridiculously too small - I'm talking about full sized cloth diapers that gerber sells in either 6 or 12 packs - I only had maybe 12 when we first got home, and now I honestly have closer to 40... and I do laundry EVERY DAY and sometimes I still run out (okay, my mom says I don't need to wash them literally every time there's a dab of spit up, so maybe I'm not the most economical - but you'll still need them, whether you let them get a little dirty or a lot dirty... plus they're versatile anyway.)

Semicharmed (Brandi) said...

Etsuko - Thanks for all the suggestions! We were'nt going to get a changing table, mostly bc of the room - but found an awesome dresser/changing table on sale & we are going to get it!! AWWW!!! The cloth diapers, apparently I didn't know this trick, but the H did & we stocked up!! There's honestly not a TON of things we need, pretty much the basics and our nursery furniture so that makes me feel a little better :)