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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

10 Random Facts About Me and A December Challenge

Let's face it; I've been pretty crappy at this blogging thing for awhile now. Every so often I get the urge to write, to put something out into this little space, to actually do something that I enjoy; but finding a few extra hours in the day, or even the week are tough. Plus truth be told, life isn't really all that interesting lately. Not that it's not good, because it is - it's actually great but there's not a whole lot going on.
I'm gonna make an effort though. A real honest to goodness try. I saw this challenge posted on Madi's blog, and thought "That's just what I need" a little kick to get me started. I'm a few days behind, so bare with me!

Day 1 - 10 Random Facts About Me

One - I love cheesy country music, I think it's the southern girl in me.

Two - My favorite TV character of all time is Brenda Barrett from General Hospital; after she was fake killed off, I wouldn’t watch for years – I quickly got over that.

Three - I have an irrational fear of cotton balls. Don't ask me to explain, I really don't know where it came from.

Four - I love getting real, snail mail. Nothing makes me happier.

Five - My dream is to retire with my little family and move to Virginia. On a little farm and perhaps a porch with a swing. Someday.

Six - My favorite movies of all time are The Notebook, Pretty Woman and Waitress (Keri Russell and pie – LOVE!).

Seven - I won’t buy clothes or shoes without a coupon.

Eight - My family is my most prized possession – I thank my lucky stars for them everyday

Nine - If I had to pick my favorite meal; it would be my husband’s chicken cutlet (that man can cook, I am a lucky girl!)

Ten - I can't cook for the life of me but need a baker? I'm your girl.

What's something your friends and family would be surprised to learn about you?

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