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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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I'm joining Wendy and Randalin again this week, for another installment of their cute link up! Go check them out!

Currently I am...

Working on - Loosing some weight! This has been a struggle of mine for easily the last ten years, but since getting pregnant and having a child, it's been even more of a struggle. I've been doing WW for about a month and a half, loosing around 17 pounds so far - which is great, but I know I still have quite a ways to go! And let's not even talk about vacation eating. So this week it's back on track!

Dreaming of - I have to agree with Wendy  on this one, I've definitely been wishing & hoping, and praying that eventually we'll be able to afford our own house! No more apartment renting, no more loud crazy neighbors, no more going weeks with minimal hot water. I want a yard for our girl to run free in, and I want to put down roots. Real, official roots.
Planning - My girl's second birthday. Two?? Shut up. I cannot even beleive in almost 1 month, she will be two years old! This years theme is Minnie Mouse, because girlfriend LOVES her some Minnie. We are having it a local park, and I am scouring Pinterest day/night for fun ideas!

Thinking about - The hubby's big 5-0 birthday party! Can you sense a theme? I've got a lot of party planning going on these days! Hubby turns 50 just 10 days after our Little Miss' b-day, so this mama will be pretty busy. We are having a joint party with our Niece's soon to be husband, who is turning 40, and our other two younger nieces who will all be celebrating their birthday's within days of each other! We figured to save on time/costs to just throw em all together! We're looking into renting one of those big jumpy house/play things for the kids - which hopefully will be a hit!

Obsessed with - Strawberries! Lately, I cannot get enough! Reminds me of when I was pregnant, and wanted nothing but strawberries for like a month straight! Love this summer weather and fresh fruits/veggies!

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