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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Gram - Update

So a little bit of good news on the Gramma front. Her estrogen levels came back last week and she is a candidate for a new drug on the market called Tamoxifen. According to this site it's supposed to be a "lifesaver", reducing breast cancer recurrence by shielding breast cells from the harmful effects of the hormone estrogen. So fingers crossed. Gram seems really excited, even optimistic. I went to see her yesterday and she was her normal spunky self. Baking cupcakes for our local fair,to which she makes cakes for (to be raffled off) every year for the last 50 years. How did I not know this?? As The H and I were leaving she shoved $10 in my pocket and said "Here go get funnel cakes or something for yourselves", I tried not to take it - but that just made her mad. So the H and I dropped off her cupcakes and went for some delicious ice cream. For Gramma, and maybe to cure my PMS too but that's a different story.

Also, thank you Mel and Brookem for your kind words. They really meant a lot. I think you girls are pretty swell.

And last, Happy 4th of July everyone! We are heading to my beautiful SIL'S later today for a good old fashioned BBQ, which I cannot wait for. So whatever your doing hope you have a safe and happy one!!

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